A Gift: Gain The Shell Project

Exposure to art made by others who have experienced ideation—or made an attempt—can help a person who is feeling bad and lost step away from the darkness towards the light: it reminds a person who feels alone: “other people have felt this bad, too” and “this too shall pass”.

Each shell box was gifted to a survivor of suicidal ideation, a loved one who found him or herself where “two roads diverged in a yellow wood” and instead of taking the path headed to the dead-end took “the road less traveled” by those who suffer from mental health issues that can lead to ideation: and this made all the difference in my life and in the lives of others. The boxes were photographed before gifting them to make them available to anyone who felt a visual reminder—that healing is a possible process—could be of help to them; that’s what this site is all about.

You are invited to download one or all eight of the images. This is a no-string-attached gift to you. House the photos on your phone or computer. Print them to take out and hold if this helps on a hard day and you are in need of tangible connection. These are shared with hope the pictures can help you feel connected to others if you ever feel bad, to help you get through a rough patch. The photos are designed to help you find comfort by way of a visual reminder: there are others who—like you—once struggled. Hold on and chose to keep moving forward as they did and still do.

Your life is important. When you feel low, overwhelmed, and just awful it can be hard to remember, but every person is needed and has a powerful place in the tapestry of life, even if we can’t see it. You are a light in this world. Breathe and shine.

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Does someone you know struggle? Spread some love: share the shells. Feel free to click here to open up your default email program or copy and paste the email below.

Subject: The Shell Project

I’m reaching out to share something with you I found that I thought might become important and helpful to you. Check out The Shell Project to download some free art: no strings attached. The artist invited me to be a bridge to help, and I thought of you.

I hope it helps!